VVEC utilizes Two-Way Automated Communication System (TWACS) meters. 

The meters operate by sending a signal over existing power lines to the co-op. They do not utilize cell phone towers or radio frequencies. They collect readings on your electric usage and send them in to us on an hourly basis, providing low-cost, highly-reliable, two-way communication.

In addition to collecting and submitting information on your electric usage, the TWACS meters allow:

  • VVEC personnel to detect and verify outages, map outage locations, and poll meters to make sure service has been restored following an outage;

  • us to monitor voltage and blinking lights, and plot trouble areas;

  • us to detect meter tampering;

  • us to gather information on an account's electric consumption;

  • VVEC personnel the ability to connect and disconnect meters from the office;

  • you to pre-pay for electricity.​

​The state-of-the-art TWACS meters allow us to offer you many great advantages now and in the future.