If at any time you have difficulty paying your electric bill, please contact our service representatives. We have a deferred payment plan available and if you agree to and abide by the terms of that agreement, your electric service will not be disconnected.

The plan allows you to make payment arrangements on the past due amount after deducting all available government assistance.

Please send all pledges/payment assistance vouchers to pay.assist@vvec.com.

Here is a list of agencies who offer assistance:

SEAC Avant, Sperry, Skiatook (918) 396-1137
Community Action Nowata County (918) 273-2868
DHS Nowata County (918) 273-2327
DHS Osage County (918) 287-5800
Community Action Rogers County (918) 341-5000
DHS Tulsa County (918) 581-2401, (918) 581-2193
(918) 430-2300, (918) 581-2689
Helping Hand Tulsa County (918) 584-6923
Salvation Army Tulsa County (918) 582-7201
Owasso Community Res. Tulsa/Rogers Counties (918) 272-4969
Community Action Washington County (918) 333-8115
Concern Washington County (918) 336-4693
DHS Washington County (918) 338-5700