News Release -  Oklahoma Department of Human Services


April 21, 2020

Energy Crisis Assistance maximum benefit funds available

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 20, 2020) -- Due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) is making changes to the current Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECAP) to help eligible Oklahomans pay their utility bills. The changes include:

  •  Eligible ECAP customers with any cut-off notice effective March 17, 2020 or after are eligible for the crisis benefit even if their energy/utility company has suspended disconnections due to COVID-19.

  • Households approved for ECAP will be issued the $500 maximum annual benefit amount for crisis assistance. 

    • Households which previously received a Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)   “life-threating” crisis benefit, and have applied for ECAP, will be authorized for the remaining maximum ECAP benefit (not to exceed $500).

    • For applicants already approved to receive ECAP, an additional supplement will be issued in order for them to receive the maximum annual benefit. These households do not need to reapply.

  • Applicants who previously applied for ECAP assistance and were denied, need to reapply online at


Eligible customers include:

  • Customers who received a cut-off notice.

  • Customers who received a refusal notice to restore service or deliver additional fuel without payment.

  • Customers who received an estimate requirement of a security deposit in order for service to be established.


Information needed to apply for ECAP:

  • Most recent utility bill for their home from their utility provider

  • Cut-off notice for their home from their utility provider

  • ID (such as a driver’s license)

  • Social Security number

  • Verification of income



Maximum monthly gross income allowed:


Size of Household                          Allowable Monthly Gross Income

1                                                       $ 1,316

2                                                       $ 1,784

3                                                       $ 2,252

4                                                       $ 2,720

5                                                       $ 3,188

6                                                       $ 3,656

7                                                       $ 4,124

8                                                       $ 4,592


Native American households:

Households with members of a Native American tribe are encouraged to apply online at or through their tribe. Households cannot receive assistance from both OKDHS and their tribe during the same federal fiscal year. “Household” is defined as individuals living “under the same roof” with one utility meter.


For additional information and to apply for benefits, go online to