At district meetings, you can exercise the privilege, responsibility, and benefit of being a co-op member-owner.

Meetings are staggered so members in a particular district meet once every three years at a location within the district. Co-op personnel plan informal agendas that include providing information on new programs and services, as well as updating you on electric utility industry issues that could affect your cooperative.

Primary purpose of district meetings is for member-owners to elect their representative to the co-op’s board of trustees. Candidates who have met requirements stipulated in the bylaws and who have followed established filing procedures can be considered for election.

Once elected, your trustee will serve a three-year term and can be considered for re-election when the district meets again at the end of his or her term. District meetings are usually scheduled for late October or early November. You will receive a notice in the mail telling you of the date, location and time of your district meeting, and meeting information will be included in the VVEC Power Circuit.

Being more than a consumer is the advantage of co-op ownership. You are an owner-member of VVEC and as such have the privilege of electing representation to the co-op’s governing body at your district meeting.