Facility Classified as 25 kW and Smaller of Connected Generation and Less than 125% of Member's Peak Load

For power produced in excess of on-site requirements, the member will be compensated by the retail purchase meter running in reverse (Net metering). The cooperative shall bill the member for the excess of energy supplied by the Cooperative over and above the energy supplied by the member during each billing period according to the Cooperative’s applicable retail rate schedule.

Net metering is defined as measuring the difference between the electricity supplied by the Cooperative and the electricity generated by the member’s facility and fed back to the electric grid over the operable time period.

When the energy supplied by the member exceeds the energy supplied by the Cooperative during a billing period, the monthly charge and/or minimum bill of the retail rate schedule shall be billed by the Cooperative in addition to the monthly metering charge, and the excess energy shall be purchased at the Cooperative’s Power Supplier’s avoided cost as determined by the Cooperative’s Power Supplier as a credit on the member's next bill.

Interconnection of Distributed Generation (Solar) Terms and Conditions

Interconnection of Distributed Generation (Solar) Manual