Delivering dependable electricity requires more than poles and power lines. It also requires clear rights-of-way. Keeping rights-of-way clear is an ongoing part of our preventive maintenance program.

Trees growing in power lines can cause blinking lights or power outages and can be deadly to you. Like all electric utilities, VVEC is required by, and willingly complies with, the National Electric Safety Code regarding keeping trees out of power lines. Trees falling into our power lines due to high winds or storms can knock out power to hundreds of consumers in a second. Not only do electric lines come down, but utility poles can snap due to the weight of those fallen trees, causing lengthy power outages.

Pruning trees is only a temporary solution, because the trees will grow back. Therefore, trees, brush and undergrowth must be permanently cleared using mechanical clear-cutting equipment, and tree stumps are then treated with a safe herbicide.

Contract brush cutting crews work throughout the year clearing and maintaining our rights-of-way and are on about a 5-year cycle. Their locations are included in each issue of VVEC Power Circuit.

The benefits of maintaining our rights-of-way throughout the year, is evident during severe weather when trees and brush in our power lines could cause numerous wide-spread outages.

Please download and complete the Right-of-Way Easement Form, have it notarized, then send it to Don Hutchinson, VVEC Right-of-Way Coordinator, P. O. Box 219, Collinsville, OK 74021.

Right-of-Way Easement Form