What is a Power Surge?

A power surge is when the voltage increases above the normal flow of electricity through your home. Sudden increases in voltage called power surges can occur due to several things: tree limbs on power lines, small animals contacting our equipment and even from your home when major appliances cycle on and off.

A surge protector can help minimize the impact of surges coming down power lines to your meter. It redirects excess voltage away from your devices and helps protect your electronic equipment. Like the seatbelt in your car, it is there to lower risk and minimize damage.

We offer surge protectors at a very economical price. VVEC personnel install the Meter-Treater® brand surge protector at your electric meter to protect equipment from electric surges. The device comes with a 15-year manufacturer warranty and provides a level of defense for your entire home.

These products are available to VVEC members only.


200 Amp Service - $172.00

400 Amp Service - $250.00

There will be a $25.00 charge for all installations on existing services.


Call our Member Services Department at (918) 371-2584 for more information on surge protectors.

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