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Products and Services Available from Your Co-op

Your Cooperative offers a number of products and services directly related to the use and conservation of energy.

Electric water heaters assist members in improving energy conservation and qualify for reimbursement through VVEC’s rebate program. 

Early warning systems help monitor weather conditions and surge suppression systems are beneficial in protecting home appliances and electronic equipment.

Energy audits are an opportunity to identify practices or improvements to lower electric usage and operate a more energy efficient home or business.  Rebates programs encourage members to use energy efficient appliances and help reduce the initial financial investment.  These programs are in coordination with our power generation supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI) and the Take Control and Save program.

Participation in the Beat the Peak program allows the Co-op to contact members through email or text message with the alert of a peak situation.  Lower usage during a peak period helps lower VVEC’s energy requirements.


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