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New FREE Tool Helps You Be Better Prepared for Stormy Weather

Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative is introducing a unique weather alerting service FREE to our members.  This alerting service provides weather forecasts and severe weather alerts for your specific area delivered right to your in-box or cell phone.  Now you can be notified when bad weather is heading your way and plan accordingly.  Don’t get caught in Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather unprepared, sign up today.


The free iMapAlert service features include daily 7-day forecast emails that are delivered to one email in-box every day before dawn if you choose this option.  What better way to start your day than with the most current, up-to-date weather, delivered right to your in-box every morning. 

You will also receive emergency weather alerts from the National Weather Service via e-mail or text message for your specific area 24-hours a day for one e-mail address, or one cell phone, when severe weather is in the area.  This tool also serves as a valuable communications tool for VVEC to send emergency and pertinent information to our members if necessary.  This communication tool will be used to also notify our members about “Peak Alert” days.  If you previously signed up for the “Beat The Peak” program, then sign up for this free ImapAlert service to continue in this program. 

Sign up today to receive this valuable weather alerting service.  It’s quick, easy and FREE.  Just click on the iMapAlert icon.  You will be asked to fill out your name, address, email or cell phone, and the co-op you are affiliated with – that’s it.  It’s quick, easy and FREE.  So sign up today. 

iMapAlert also offers a premium package for only $5.95 per month.  This option is perfect if you or your family members travel frequently. With this premium package, you will receive all the benefits in the free package for up to three e-mail addresses, or three cell phones.  You will also receive six-mile lightning proximity alerts. You can customize the type of alerts you would like to receive from several, including; tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flooding, winter storms, high winds, hurricanes, dense fog, frost, freeze, wind chill, excessive heat and fire dangers. 

In addition to all these benefits, you also receive access to a web page portal where you can move your location to anywhere in the United States quickly and easily. So if you are traveling to another county, or across the country, you can feel safe, knowing you will be notified, no matter where you are, of severe weather coming your way. Remember, VVEC and the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of Oklahoma are always looking out for you!


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