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Our Members

We are honored that you are a member of our cooperative. With that membership comes many privileges including a voice at our Annual Meeting. The annual meeting provides a forum where VVEC can meet our members face-to-face and get acquainted. Members are provided the opportunity to speak with their board members, meet the staff of VVEC and have a say in the meeting. Come join us and see what it means to be a member.

As a member, you are the one who decides the person who will represent you on the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is elected at the District Meetings. Read more about how your Trustee is elected.

More than just providing you electrical service, VVEC works with other cooperatives and state agencies to make sure that rural voices are heard in the state legislature. Legislative issues must always be reviewed and concerns must be voiced to establish a fair and representational government. VVEC brings electrical service concerns and a rural voice to those who represent our members. We work for you to ensure low-cost, high-quality electrical service.

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