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Electric Backyard Party

We’re having a party and you’re invited!

Each spring we host a party in our backyard and invite you to join us. We have free, delicious hot dogs cooked on our electric grills, along with all the trimmings, free soft drinks and a dessert.

Colorful tents cover picnic tables where you can visit with your neighbors while enjoying your meal, or bring a quilt and have a picnic on the yard.

It’s a favorite, highly-anticipated event and gives us the opportunity to showcase electric items such as grills and coolers, that can make your backyard an enjoyable place. We offer these items for sale in our Co-op Store so you can take one home and enhance your own backyard.

We have a gift for everyone who attends the party and you can register to win one of the electric grills. The winner is selected at the conclusion of the party.

Details on the Electric Backyard Party can be found in our monthly membership newsletter VVEC Power Circuit.

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