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Turtle® Automatic Meter Reading Program

An electric meter that accurately records your electric usage is important, as is sending that reading to the co-op in a timely fashion. That is why we participate in the Turtle® Automatic Meter Reading program.

This program utilizes existing power lines and patented Ultra Narrow Bandwidth technology to transmit data from meters on homes and businesses to the co-op for billing and continuous data reporting. The meters are accurate and reliable, and eliminate the need for a monthly meter visitation by a co-op employee, and the cost associated with that employee visitation.

The Turtle® collects electricity usage and transmits this data via power lines to Turtle® receivers in a substation. From the substation, the data is transmitted via modem to the co-op for billing and monitoring of the power grid system. It reads your meter at the same time every month, which eliminates fluctuations in readings that contribute to higher than expected monthly electric bills. It also eliminates human error in reporting readings which can also affect your bill.

There is no cost to you for the Turtle® meters.

The Turtle® Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System is the flagship product of Hunt Technologies, a Minnesota-based electronic design firm. Hunt is the AMR market leader with more than 2 million Turtle® transmitters installed or under contract at 400 projects worldwide.

Here is a picture of one of the Turtle® meters

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