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How We Restore Power

Living in northeastern Oklahoma means living with severe weather throughout the year. When a storm causes multiple outages, you may wonder how we restore your power. We determine where the damage is and then we begin prioritizing repairs to get the largest number of consumers back in service the quickest.

Here’s how:

STEP 1 – KAMO Power repairs any damage to its transmission lines. These lines bring high voltage power to our electrical system through substations and electric transmission lines.

STEP 2 – KAMO makes any necessary repairs to its substations, which transfer 69,900 volts of power through transmission lines to VVEC’s 20 substations.

STEP 3 – After we repair damages to equipment in our substations, we concentrate on our main distribution lines. Here we may find trees blown into lines, broken utility poles or damaged equipment on the poles, or broken electric lines.

STEP 4 – Once all distribution lines and tap lines are repaired, we begin working on individual service lines, which typically bring power to only one or two locations, such as homes and businesses.

Restoring power after a major storm can be a big job. Although we can’t always restore everyone’s power in an hour or two, you can be assured we’re working as quickly as possible to get your lights on.

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