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VVEC's Electric Service

System Information. Here you can discover information about your distribution system in the System Information section.

Rights-of-Way. You can read about how we maintain our Rights-of-Way and how keeping trees and obstacles out of the electric transmission lines can help improve power quality and safety.

Pole Inspection. Learn more about our pole inspection program and how VVEC regularly maintains your electrical infrastructure. The active program tests the poles in your service territory for strength and condition so that VVEC can pro-actively replace poles before age and wear become a problem.

Turtle Information. Read more on VVEC's use of technology in your power distribution system. Turtle meters use proven technology to relay meter readings back to to VVEC's main headquarters.

Outage Information. Learn more about what steps VVEC takes to restore your power. Read up on how to use stand-by generation and how long foods should be kept.

Rates. How much do you pay for electricity? How much would a security light cost? If I open a shop, what rate will I pay? While these questions are best answered by one of our courteous Customer Service Representatives, you can see what you'll be paying per kiloWatt hour or kWh.

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