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YouthPower Energy Camp

YouthPower Energy Camp develops leadership skills and promotes team work in a fun environment.

The camp’s eighth grade participants experience first-hand the exciting world of rural electrification by electing board members, and interviewing to be named manager of the cooperative they form. They witness safety demonstrations and even climb a utility pole, while wearing appropriate climbing gear, of course.

The camp is held at the end of May each year at Camp Canyon near Hinton. Energy campers have the chance to participate in a large variety of fun activities such as a volleyball tournament and to visit Celebration Station in Oklahoma City, along with swimming and other outdoor activities. They also tour an electric generation cooperative.

Eighth graders wanting to participate in our Energy Camp competition are asked to write a 250-word essay on a specific cooperative-related topic. The essay topic changes each year.

The program’s rules and regulations are detailed in the Energy Camp Information Packet, which is available through eighth grade English teachers in schools throughout the co-op’s service territory, or by calling the VVEC Energy Camp Coordinator at 918-371-2584.

Students can write the essay in two-person teams, and the winning team goes to Energy Camp.

VVEC has been sponsoring YouthPower Energy Camp with the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives since 1989.

YouthPower Energy Camp is an ‘electrifying’ way to start the summer!


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