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Welcome To The Cooperative

The Cooperative is your business. After all, you own it. When you signed up with Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative for electric service, you became a member/owner. You elect the leadership and together you chart the progress of the Cooperative.

The Privileges of Membership

VVEC holds an annual meeting of members each year during the month of October and all members are encouraged to attend. Notice of the annual meeting is mailed to each member of the Cooperative prior to the meeting stating the date, time and place. You will also receive an Annual Report stating the financial condition of the Cooperative.

Cooperative business affairs are managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of nine members. The five-county service area of the Cooperative is divided into nine districts with one Trustee elected from each district. These Trustees are elected to the Board at district meetings in accordance with the bylaws of the Cooperative. The Board, in turn, hires a General Manager who is responsible for the daily work and the employees of Verdigris Valley. The Board meets with the General Manager and other staff members monthly to discuss issues which require action by the Board.

Verdigris Valley operates as a nonprofit organization. Therefore, all monies in excess of the operating costs and expenses of providing electric power to its members are credited to a capital credit account for each member. The amount allocated to your capital credit account is based on your annual amount paid. This account is your investment in your Cooperative!

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